Promicol provides support that will improve your production and quality of the end product. Promicol aims to develop a long term relationship with its customers listening to the needs, problems and requirements in the market.

We are proud to share our years of expertise to offer a service that is in touch with and satisfies the needs of industrial microbial control. As your needs and requirements change, Promicol will be your partner in developing the future together.

Promicol has developed a Quality Management tool for our complete operating systems, the Proscreen (Promilite M4A) and Photonix (Promilite M1) QQQ software packages. It helps the user to professionally manage and monitor key areas of our operating systems: Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification. The QQQ package provides excellent documentation of traceability, is easy to use and demonstrates our continuing commitment to quality.

Promicol provides all the training needed to operate the Promicol System. We can organise workshops, in house training and design our training to suit your needs.

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