UHT and ESL Dairy ProductsFor many years the dairy industry has used ATP bioluminescence testing to routinely confirm the quality of UHT & other products.
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Fruit JuicesThe Promicol fruit juice test has proved to be easy in use and more convenient than other rapid methods.
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Soya and Cereal based ProductsWith the upcoming market of the soya and cereals industry, the need for rapid test results confirming the quality of the products is increasing.
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Cosmetics and ToiletriesThe cosmetics and toiletries industry requires an extremely reliable and sensitive method for testing their products for microbial contamination.
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Infant foodWithout any doubt we want to be sure that the milk and food we give to our babies is free from harmful microorganisms.
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The quality of your product depends on excellent raw materials and production standards.

Spoilage organisms have a significant economic impact on manufacturers of many types of products. The texture and taste of a product is influenced by the presence of microorganisms, these microbes can cause products to deteriorate in storage or on the shop shelves.

The Promicol system helps you to confirm your quality standards and keep them under control. 

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